Is Battlefield Next Not Coming This Year?

The next Battlefield has also been affected by the 5% layoffs at Electronic Arts (mentioned earlier in the day).


Electronic Arts has closed Ridgeline Games (the studio of Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto) and some of its employees are moving to Ripple Effect Studios, which is involved in the development of the next Battlefield alongside DICE and Criterion (the latter has two people responsible for the single-player segment). The goal is to make a much more successful game than Battlefield 2042.

Tom Henderson, an insider, confirmed approximately what Electronic Arts had said earlier (the publisher had hinted at 2025 as a possible release window), and he believes it will be released in October 2025. Ripple Effect Studios is working on a free-to-play battle royale experience similar to Call of Duty: Warzone. This will be updated alongside the annual Call of Duty. There will be two game modes that Henderson has heard about: a classic Battle Royale mode and Gauntlet, where teams have to complete certain tasks and the group with the lowest score per task is eliminated from the fight.

The new Battlefield will be set in the near future (2025-2030), and the developers want to return to the IP’s roots (64-player battles; Battlefield 2042 managed to double that on current-gen platforms). There will also be an emphasis on physics-based destruction, as well as the traditional character class system. DICE tinkered with Battlefield 2042 last year when it split the characters (called Specialists) into four classic character types (Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon). If Battlefield Next is indeed coming in the fall of 2025, it might just be on PlayStation 5, Xbox series, and PC by then. (Maybe Nintendo Switch 2? The PlayStation 4/Xbox One pairing would be too old by then.)

Battlefield 2042 continues to expand with seasons due to its live service model. Season 7 will be released sometime in March for a game that doesn’t meet Electronic Arts’ expectations, so it will be retired by the publisher in a year and a half, if rumors are official.

Source: WCCFTech, Insider Gaming

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