Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League: Another Low Point For Rocksteady’s game!

We already had a benchmark for Rocksteady’s game, but now we have to use another one because things haven’t changed for the better since then…


Our previous benchmark for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, released a month ago, was the studio’s previous big game, Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ve already written about how the 2015 game was played by far more people on Steam than Rocksteady’s new live service title. Since then, however, things have taken a turn for the worse for the game, which was released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox series and PC on February 2…

At launch, there were 13,459 concurrent players on Steam. But a live service game needs to reach a lot of players to get longer support, and Rocksteady and Warner are currently unable to do that! According to SteamDB, there have been no more than 1000 concurrent players in the last week! Compare this to the previous game in the DC Universe with a similar model and gameplay.

In October 2022, WB Games Montreal released Gotham Knights, another open world co-op superhero game. It recently had 881 players. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has 754, so it’s not just Batman: Arkham Knight that’s getting more interest, but also Warner’s previous game, which wasn’t a huge hit either. This means that Rocksteady’s game needs to be updated soon, otherwise more people will leave Suicide Squad behind and the downward spiral will end with a crash, meaning Warner will get fed up and pull the rug out from under them.

Warner Bros. Discovery also admitted that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League didn’t live up to expectations (even though it was one of the publisher’s biggest titles at the time!), so the game will have a hard time getting back on its feet from here.

Source: VGC

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