Nintendo Switch 2: Better Image Quality And Battery Life Than Steam Deck?

Nintendo’s yet-to-be-announced hardware is also rumored to be capable of the same performance as a relatively new console when docked.


In his video, Moore’s Law Is Dead confirms that the as-yet-unnamed Switch successor will use Samsung’s 8-nanometer process node and will likely pack 12GB of memory into the console. Nintendo, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach to console cycles: the big N is only satisfied when its hardware reaches a certain level of performance. A few days ago, we heard that the Switch 2 won’t quite match the performance of the Xbox Series S, and this insider confirms it, but he says it won’t be much behind Microsoft’s console, unless you have lower expectations for frame rate.

But compared to a generation ago, it’s a different story. Looking at the Switch 2’s potential specs, it’s on par with the PlayStation 4 Pro when docked. Moore’s Law Is Dead compares the processor to the Xbox One X. In handheld mode, you’ll get lighter ray tracing and better battery life than Steam Deck, albeit at a slightly lower performance because the processor is weaker, but the GPU will be 20-30% better, even if Nintendo cuts back on clock speed and cooling. His performance comparison is as follows: at 720p with low graphics settings, Steam Deck can do 40 FPS, while the Switch successor will do 30 FPS at 720p with high settings and light ray tracing.

And on Twitter, AMD insider Kepler wrote that Nvidia’s T239 chip won’t even be on par with the Xbox Series S in terms of ray tracing performance. However, with Ray Reconstruction support, the Switch 2 would have better ray tracing than the smaller Xbox, but Kepler says that if it were a desktop SoC with the 50W power consumption of the Nvidia T239, it would still beat the Xbox Series S. However, the insider is certainly talking about raw RT performance without any scaling.

None of this is official yet, but Nintendo should be talking about their new hardware this summer!

Source: WCCFTech,

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