Dune: Awakening: If You Liked Dune 2, You’ll Love This Upcoming MMO! [VIDEO]

Dune: Awakening aims to be one of the most ambitious MMOs of its genre, adding crafting, survival and aerial combat to the mix.



With the release of Dune: Part Two – the review of which you can read at this link – the Funcom team riding the hype is working hard to finalize Dune: Awakening. The MMO title from the studio Conan Exiles promises to offer fans of the world of Frank Herbert the spectacle, aggression and intrigue presented in both the books and the film adaptation. After the latest trailer for the upcoming survival game came out yesterday, there’s no doubt that Dune: Awakening will deliver everything that fans of the franchise have come to expect.

To bring the world to life, they chose Unreal Engine 5, an engine that convinced them with tools like Lumens (a technology that takes the lighting of worlds to the next level).

Thanks to the engine of Epic Games, the developers worked to create a universe that invites the player to adapt in order to survive. As such, dangerous elements like sandworms are important without neglecting other vital aspects of survival games.


If you encounter a sandworm, you have only one option: run away!


After seeing Funcom’s recent trailer, one thought was repeated several times: the player must adapt to the world in order to survive. So, as in other survival titles, what matters here is how much time the user is willing to invest in overcoming all the dangers present in the world.

In this way, the game will have crafting items (see metals or stones) that can be used to improve the equipment, weapons and other options present in Dune: Awakening.

As with any online massively multiplayer survival game, building and cooperation will be the two distinguishing elements. These players can tip the scales in their favour. Therefore, those who know how to make the most of these two mechanics will have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the team confirmed that the title would feature a levelling system, melee, abilities, and vehicles, a range of options that players can use in combat and during their day-to-day adventures.



Dune: Awakening



However, no other threat at the show was in the spotlight as much as sandworms. These most spectacular creatures of the film adaptation directed by Denis Villeneuve will amaze everyone. However, Funcom has already warned us in advance: there is no way we will be able to kill them. Even if you want to, your only option is a slow and cruel death. So the best thing you can do is run away. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and resources.


Adaptation and cooperation: what Dune: Awakening is all about


Overall, the members of the studio emphasized several ideas. One of these was the importance of working with your friends. The latter will significantly influence how you adapt to the world of Dune: Awakening. This increases your chances of survival.

This way, you can improve your skills, maximize your game system and take advantage of the customization that has been defined as “one of the most important aspects” of the game, given its potential.

As I mentioned a few lines ago, sandworms will be a game-changing threat. But fortunately, we will have a large arsenal of options at our disposal. These include vehicles, thopters (with which you can engage in spectacular aerial combat), climbing and stealth. In addition, we will be able to craft weapons with which we can fight and advance in the story. The latter will be adapted to the adventures of individual players (or groups of players). They all take place at a specific point in Dune: a particular moment in the book when a decision is made that changes the course of the story. So Funcom will focus on an original story within the Dune universe.

Although there is still no release date, it is clear from the teaser that the team aims to bring a unique adventure to Dune fans on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series X/S.

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