Elon Musk Could Face Another Brutal Lawsuit!

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is facing a $128 million lawsuit that is raising eyebrows and serious questions about his decisions.



X Corp. CEO Elon Musk is being sued for $128 million in a lawsuit that claims several former Twitter executives are still owed unpaid severance. Several lawsuits have been filed against the CEO of the social media giant in recent months. Among others, his ex-partner, Grimes, sued Elon Musk last October. As Musk’s personal and professional choices continue to baffle many, this new lawsuit has once again sparked public debate.

After buying Twitter in 2022, Elon Musk began a wide-ranging “reorganization” process, during which many employees from various departments were laid off.

Several senior employees also fell victim to the reorganization. Now, the lawsuit claims Musk fired them without cause and still owes them millions of dollars in severance pay.

Twitter’s former CEO, CFO, general counsel and general counsel have filed a joint lawsuit against Musk and X Corp. for $128 million in overdue severance pay. The Associated Press first reported this via NPR. The former executives claim Musk fired them without cause. They are vaguely citing “gross negligence and willful misconduct” to quickly remove them and replace them with employees of other companies. According to the lawsuit, the former managers are entitled to one year’s salary and stock option payments under the severance plans. Of these, Musk has yet to pay any of them. The tech guru himself is suing OpenAI. So, this lawsuit by the former executives adds to a growing number of legal challenges against the CEO and X Corp.


Tech companies generate serious controversy even without Elon Musk


As Elon Musk and X Corp. continue to face numerous lawsuits from former employees and mounting questions from shareholders, other tech companies are also finding themselves in the legal crosshairs. Epic Games’ massive antitrust lawsuit against Google and Activision Blizzard’s gender discrimination settlement are just a few of the dozens of legal battles the tech giants have fought recently. Sony, Roblox, Niantic and Apple have also been in the crossfire of legal disputes. With few “wins” and many significant settlements.

Elon Musk remains one of the industry’s most controversial figures as many continue to question his role at X Corp. and Twitter amid mounting lawsuits against the CEO.

Despite the Musk controversy, Twitter remains one of the most popular social media platforms. With plans for livestreaming coming to Twitter and adding more monetization features to the site, Musk hopes to stay on the good side of users and shareholders. However, public opinion remains divided. More lawsuits against Musk continue to leave many Twitter users worried about the platform’s future.

Source: NPR

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