Fallout TV Series Trailer Is Here – What Can We Expect From The Series? [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Reactions to the trailer for the Fallout TV series prove that fans are optimistic that Prime Video’s adaptation can capture more than just the franchise’s aesthetic…



Looks like yesterday’s trailer for the Fallout TV show was well received. There was a lot of excitement about the upcoming release. One sentence in the trailer made even old fans of the franchise nod in appreciation.

Fallout is one of the most popular game franchises of all time: its retro-futuristic, post-apocalyptic style and story that evokes the atmosphere of the Cold War era and the fear of nuclear winter have made the series one of the most compelling single-player experiences in several generations of gaming media.

The game franchise is currently in between two instalments. But fans can expect at least one thing in 2024. For the live-action series coming to Prime Video.

Fans have indeed had a glimpse of essential aspects of the Fallout series before. But yesterday, an official trailer for the upcoming series was released. We finally got to see more of this. Reddit user MarvelsGrantMan136 uploaded the Fallout trailer to the site’s r/Fallout subreddit to discuss it with other fans, and received an overwhelmingly positive response. However, by far, the most recognized part of the trailer follows at the 2:49 mark. Aaron Moten’s Maximus appears on screen alongside Ella Purnell’s heroine, Lucy, at the end of an astronomical montage to deliver the instant classic: “Everyone wants to save the world. They just disagree on how.”



Fallout TV



Can the Fallout TV series succeed in capturing the atmosphere of the games?


The signs have been positive since the beginning of the project. Todd Howard compared the upcoming TV series to Fallout 5 after a visit to the set. The recent Fallout trailer cemented this positive vision in the minds of fans. Maximus’ sentence was praised by many in the comments as perfectly summing up the mood of the game. This indicates a proper understanding of the source material. All of this aside, the sentence sounds extremely good and fits perfectly with the rest of the trailer, which was also praised for its visuals and depiction of many iconic Fallout things like Power Armor and the wasteland.

Another line from Moten’s character, who responded, “To hurt those who hurt me,” when asked why he joined the Brotherhood of Steel, also received an honourable mention.

Fans have been waiting for the outstanding writing since the Fallout series got the green light with the addition of Jonathan Nolan. The experienced screenwriter is responsible for the most powerful moments in many projects. Among them, he is an award-winner for his brother’s several successful works. This power is also shown in the Fallout trailer. After all, Maximus’ line perfectly expresses the factionalism of the source material. In a way that few others could.

This renewed excitement comes even more with the feeling that the 8-episode structure of the Fallout TV series is a double-edged sword for such an ambitious series. With all-new stories to tell and the added responsibility of the franchise’s canon, it will be interesting to see how well the show’s first season can do.

The Fallout TV series debuts on Amazon Prime Video on April 12. We will get all eight episodes at once.

Source: YouTube, Reddit

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