Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Two Important Updates Coming To The Game!

Insomniac Games warns that two Spider-Man 2 patches have been released, and we need to download both to get all the new features.



Many, many players have been waiting for this moment, and the truth is that Insomniac Games faced several problems that delayed the arrival of the update. The creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 had to deal with layoffs at PlayStation, as well as being harassed. However, the Californian studio continued working and brought the fix users were waiting for.

The official website of Insomniac Games has announced all the new features that the community’s most wanted update brings to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is now available for download on PS5.

Version 1.002.000 includes long-awaited novelties such as New Game+, which now allows us to play as Miles Morales and Peter Parker beyond the permitted levels.

According to the studio’s report, Insomniac Games, we will also get new costume styles for the symbiote. More cosmetics, time-of-day options, and more. In addition to all this, they also allow us to replay the missions we want. This could not be done until now. With the new photo, they added new options to go deeper, as well as new access options.

Regarding Spider-Man 2, there are two critical hints about the current patch. The first, and also the most important, is that “the first is directly followed by a second update”. Insomniac says on social media that you should “download both to access the full feature list.”

On the other hand, not long after, they noted: “A recent game update may have allowed access to a game development menu. A fix is on the way. Please note that using this menu may damage game saves and trophy progress,” they warn. A third patch may arrive later today to address this issue.

You can see the full list of fixes at the link below.

Source: Insomniac Games

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