Is Starlink Finished?! Elon Musk Takes Desperate Step To Save What Can Be Saved!

TECH NEWS – Elon Musk authorizes another price cut, even though the Starlink service is cheaper than ever. The purchase price of the equipment needed to connect to your network has been reduced by 500 euros in a few years…



One of Elon Musk’s most ambitious projects is Starlink. This initiative essentially aims to bring Internet connectivity to every corner of the planet. Musk was extremely optimistic when he made a prediction about the number of users in 2015, which, unfortunately, he did not come close to achieving.

Unable to access the substantial $1 billion investment, Musk was forced to change the direction of Starlink and chose a method that surprised many: lowering the price of the products.

As The Verge points out in a recent publication, Starlink is now cheaper than ever. At its debut, the hardware needed to connect from anywhere cost a whopping 720 euros. In addition, we had to pay 124 euros per month to connect in Europe, regardless of our location. Not long after, these amounts were reduced to 450 euros and 100 euros, respectively. But Starlink has reduced the prices even further in the latest tariff change.


Elon Musk is trying to increase the number of Starlink users


Thus, as seen from the American portal’s publication, we can currently pay 225 euros for the hardware required for the Internet connection. In addition, instead of paying 100 euros per month for the roaming package, we can access it for “only” 59 euros per month if we want to use it anywhere in Europe. In addition, the price of the worldwide package has been reduced from €65 a month a few weeks ago to €50 a month now.

This is how Musk wants to take advantage of the mobile network revolution he is about to launch. From this, he hopes to increase the number of customers on the platform. As reported a few weeks ago, the head of Starlink is preparing to send more satellites. With the help of these, we can dispense with the need to purchase a Starlink antenna to access the service. It is therefore understandable that the hardware price has been reduced, to which the discounts on the service’s roaming fees must be added.

Source: The Verge

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