The EU Opens An Investigation Against Apple After Epic’s Account Suspension!

This is to prevent the Tim Sweeney-led company from bringing Fortnite, which has been removed from iOS for over three years, back to the Apple platform.


We’ve previously reported on how Apple unexpectedly suspended the developer account of Epic Games’ Swedish subsidiary, even though it was created a month ago. We also reported on how the Cupertino-based tech giant defended itself and how Epic Games responded. However, the dispute between the two companies, which we have already seen in court, has not gone unnoticed, as a spokesperson for the European Commission spoke to Reuters about the matter.

She referred to a new EU rule that prevents closed platforms (such as Apple) from using their dominant position to stifle competition in the market. Apple achieved this by not having an alternative platform other than the App Store, and Epic Games angered Apple by introducing microtransactions in Fortnite, which meant Sweeney’s company didn’t have to pay Apple the 30% profit margin.

“We have asked Apple for further clarification on this under the DMA (Digital Markets Act). We are also assessing whether Apple’s actions raise doubts about its compliance with the DSA (Digital Services Act) and P2B (Platform to Business Regulation), given the links between the developer program membership and the App Store as a designated VLOP (very large online platform),” the EC spokesperson said.

An update to iOS that enables sideloading in Europe has just arrived, allowing the region to install apps and app stores from outside Apple’s App Store (the DMA requires the US tech company to do so), and the timing is no coincidence. Apple is doing everything in its power to maintain its position as the world’s leading app store distributor.

The only way for Apple to learn from this is to be regularly fined billions of dollars. That would cut into the company’s profits.

Source: VGC, Reuters

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