You’ll Never Guess Who Roasted Michael Keaton’s Batman At The Oscars!

MOVIE NEWS – The Oscars brought an unexpected Batman roast that made even Michael Keaton want to play Bruce Wayne again.



Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited on Oscar night, with an unexpected twist that also brought Michael Keaton in to host. It all led to one of the best moments of the 2024 ceremony. Joking doesn’t always go over well. But now they succeeded when the stars of The Twins took the stage and finally roasted the original Batman on the big screen. (See in the video below!)

A standing ovation greeted the pair, who were expected to exchange a few words about their previous comedic work before presenting the awards for best visual effects and best film editing.

DeVito opened the awards ceremony by saying, “Arnold and I are presenting together for very obvious reasons.” However, things took an unexpected turn when Schwarzenegger replied, “We both tried to kill Batman.”

Of course, there was a particular actor in the audience who had recently returned to the role of the DC superhero, whom Michael Keaton first brought to the screen in 1989. This gave Schwarzenegger and DeVito a chance to reminisce about how the Dark Knight defeated their own Batman villains, Mr. Freeze and the Penguin.

After Arnie said that it was his “one weakness” that destroyed Freeze, which was love and not heat, as DeVito suggested, the Batman Returns star offered his own joke about his own character’s loss.

“He threw me out the window.” An angry Arnie replied that Batman was just a real “son of a b*tch” before DeVito pointed out that their former adversary was actually sitting in the audience and “had a lot of nerve showing on his face.” The camera then cut to Keaton sitting in the audience with an utterly somber expression on his face. After some more teasing from the duo, Keaton eased into his Bruce Wayne role with a grin and a “come on then” gesture.


After Michael Keaton, can Schwarzenegger and DeVito return again?


In 2023, Michael Keaton reprised his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Flash. While there were initially big plans for the character, it seems that those have now been shelved due to the development of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU timeline.

However, plans for Schwarzenegger and DeVito to return to the big screen as twins Julius and Vincent hit a major roadblock following the death of Ivan Reitman in early 2022.

After the death of the director who helmed the 1988 film Twins, both actors decided that the sequel would not be good without him. The sequel would have been titled Triplets.

Despite this, the pair remained in constant contact. In numerous social media posts and appearances at events, they hint at new joint projects. It is not yet known whether these will be realized. But it is inevitable that viewers are still fond of them and would love to see them together on screen in a bigger project.

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