An Actor Might Return For The Last Of Us Season 2 Who We Didn’t Expect?!

MOVIE NEWS – One The Last of Us actor still hopes to return for Season 2, despite a major problem standing in his way…



An actor from The Last of Us is still hoping for a cameo in the highly anticipated second season of the HBO series. Even though his character is presumably no longer alive.

The first season of the hit TV series The Last of Us featured Josh Brener as Murray, the host of a fascinating talk show where viewers learn that a fungus is just as dangerous as a virus.

The scene indirectly refers to the story’s global epidemic that began in 2003, but it takes place decades earlier. After this scene, the show jumps forward to 2003 to see how the pandemic started. However, Brener hopes to appear in The Last of Us Season 2.

While promoting his latest film, Cold Wallet, at SXSW, the actor told Deadline that he may return for The Last of Us’s season 2 revival. He said, “If everyone can be revived, it doesn’t matter how dead their bodies are!” However, the actor also clarified that series co-creator Craig Mazin has already announced that Murray will not appear in season 2.

While this may be unfortunate news for fans, who want Murray to be a part of the series, the makers’ decision to make another time jump would make it difficult for him to return.

We can expect another time jump in season 2. According to several reports, the episodes of the next instalment of the HBO series will take place roughly six decades after Murray’s death. As a result, the only way to bring him back is through the use of flashback sequences. Filming for season 2 of The Last of Us has already begun. HBO renewed the series in January 2023, shortly after the first episode premiered, due to its massive popularity and critical acclaim. Initially, people were sceptical. They didn’t trust that the creators would be able to condense the entire first game into nine episodes.

However, the series continued to dazzle fans with its epic storytelling, gloomy performances and spooky visuals.

According to reports, Season 2 may consist of only seven episodes. It seems that the events of the second game may take several seasons to process. That would be a sensible decision. After all, in the second game, there are a lot of events that cannot be ignored. Also, the third game hasn’t been announced yet, so two seasons would give the creators enough time to follow the source material. The second season of The Last of Us is highly anticipated among fans, especially after the gigantic success of the first part. The series won eight Primetime Emmy Awards, among many other accolades. Season 2 has no official release date, but is rumored to premiere in the first half of 2025.

Source: Deadline

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