Long Time Since A Star Wars Game Failed Like Battlefront Classic – Negative Steam Record!

Server issues and the lack of development that the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has received are the two factors most penalized by the community…



The release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection promised a lot of joy to fans of the now Disney-owned franchise. However, the release of new versions of the two original games in the saga has become a nightmare. Just hours after its release, the collection garnered “mostly negative” reviews on Steam. Only 20% of the more than 1,800 users who wrote reviews about the game in Valve’s store had a satisfactory experience. This is a negative record among SW games.


Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is highly problematic


For most users, the multiplayer mode is the primary source of dissatisfaction with Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. For the first few hours, there were hardly any servers on which to search for matches. Also, they were set up a bit oddly. So the waiting times were very long and the matches very short. Now that this issue has been fixed, there are still many complaints about connection quality. Some players are reporting lag issues and crashes.

The performance of the online services is essential, considering that online was one of the big draws for this classic Star Wars collection.

However, this is not the only error. The community also complained about some problematic aspects and the lack of improvements. While no one expected or requested a major overhaul, both games would have benefited from a revamp. At least in basic areas like menus and control settings. The graphic crease stitching was only half done, which made the whole thing feel inconsistent.

Problems dampened what could have been a surprisingly successful release. In the first hour of the game’s life, it had 9,200 concurrent users (via SteamDB). However, the bugs made many players think twice before taking it up.

This significantly slowed down development, which would undoubtedly have exceeded the expectations of both fans and the developers themselves.

The developers of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection have not yet officially commented on the situation. Aspyr is expected to issue a statement in the next few hours. In it, they provide information about possible plans to solve the problems and their intentions regarding supporting the game after release.

Source: Steam, SteamDB

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