Epic Games Has Won Another Battle – But Is the War Over Yet?!

The Epic Games Store is coming to iOS and Android this year, offering enormous benefits for mobile developers.



Epic Games has made a historic announcement after years of legal battles and problems with distributing its flagship video game on mobile devices. The company is also bringing its store to smartphones to compete with Google and Apple stores! The launch is expected sometime in the second half of 2024. So far, we have not received answers to a few critical questions about the appearance. But the company has revealed some fascinating details about its plans.


A new challenge from Epic Games


The mobile version of the Epic Games Store will focus on its appeal of offering better conditions for developers. The company has announced that it will bring the iOS and Android terms into line with the PC terms. Game developers get 88% of the revenue, and Epic Games, as the owner of the store, gets 12% of the revenue.

Additionally, developers will be able to take advantage of specific programs that allow them to keep all revenue temporarily.

If on PC Epic had to deal with the challenge of imposing itself on a well-established store like Steam, then on mobile devices the company’s big challenge will be to convince the casual audience. However, if they are successful, they can make a very significant profit.

Another big advantage for Epic Games is that Fortnite is returning to mobile devices. The company lost much money when it pulled the game from the official iOS and Android stores. Now, however, you have the opportunity to offer your flagship again.

In this regard, adaptations of titles such as LEGO Fortnite and other publications published in recent years are also likely to be planned.

We will receive more information about this step in the coming months. One of the big questions in the community is whether the company will be able to launch the Games Store globally. As the legal issues are not yet fully clarified. The iOS launch in the US appears to be in jeopardy. What seems clear is that the company is not giving up easily…

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