Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reacted To The News About James Bond!

MOVIE NEWS – After news broke this week that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was preparing to sign a Bond offer, the actor responded honestly to the rumours.



Aaron Taylor-Johnson has given a short, blunt response to rumours that he is ready to sign on to play the new James Bond. After days of speculation, the actor spoke to Rolling Stone about the latest rumours.

Although not so long ago, Barbara Broccoli spoke frankly about the fact that the casting for the role of Bond will not be ready for a while, that did not prevent the Internet from completely exploding this week.

Because it “turned out” that the star of Kraven, the Hunter is not only the favourite for Daniel Craig’s successor in the role of the iconic super spy. In fact, the deal has practically already been concluded. However, when asked about the news, Taylor-Johnson said:

“I can only really talk about the things I’m going to show and tell. So, The Fall Guy, Nosferatu, Kraven the Hunter. I don’t feel like I need to have a future drawn out for me. I feel like, whatever’s drawn out for me, I can f**ing do better.”

The actor has a tough task ahead of him this year as he stars in Sony’s latest Spider-Man film, Kraven the Hunter. After the abysmal performance of Madame Web – both critically and commercially – much depends on the next film in the franchise. The first trailer for the R-rated comic book movie was released earlier this year, and the film is set to arrive this summer.


Could Aaron Taylor-Johnson be the new James Bond?


The question of who will be the next actor to drink his Martini shaken but not stirred has kept social media abuzz since Daniel Craig’s departure in 2021. However, longtime franchise producer Barbara Broccoli doesn’t seem to be in a rush to fill Craig’s highly polished shoes.

Only last month, when he appeared at the BFI Fellowship event, Broccoli shrugged off the idea that a new Bond announcement was imminent.

“There’s nothing I can tell you about the next Bond film. There’s nothing. Nothing is happening yet.”

While things can change very quickly in Hollywood, the idea that things could have moved so quickly that Taylor-Johnson could be signed to the franchise less than a month after making the above comments is a little hard to believe. However, stranger things have happened. After all, the new James Bond will have to come out of the closet at some point…

Source: Rolling Stone

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