Is A US Retail Chain Already Preparing For Silent Hill 2 Remake’s Launch?

The game from Konami and Bloober Team does not have an official release date yet, which is highly unusual as it should not be that far from completion.


However, a US retail chain has leaked Konami’s plans. GameStop might understandably know some things that the general public does not, as they need to know when big games are coming out in order to prepare their employees, as they need to inform customers if a big title is coming out at that time, or if they need to wait a few days (in the latter case, to cash in on pre-orders).

According to GameStop, Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released in late 2024. That would put it in the last quarter, meaning that James Sunderland’s adventure in Silent Hill could be coming to PlayStation 5 sometime between October and December. Knowing Sony’s strategy, it’s not certain that PlayStation 5 and PC will get the game on the same day, so it could be a case of timed exclusivity, and so we might not see Silent Hill 2 Remake on Steam until 2025, but since Konami owns the IP, it’s also possible that PS5 and PC versions will come out on the same day.

In fact, GameStop might even have outdated information! So it’s possible that Silent Hill 2 Remake will be released EARLIER than the chain claims. Since Konami is responsible for the marketing of the game (which makes the Bloober team a bit nervous because they think the latest video is too action-oriented and that’s not what the game is really about…), it’s up to them to decide when we will officially know the exact date of the game’s release.

Considering the work of the Bloober team (The Medium, Blair Witch, Observer…), we’re not sure if Silent Hill 2 Remake will be as memorable as the original… but maybe they can prove us wrong.

Source: GameRant


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