New Marvel Video Game Might Be Coming, And In A Surprising Genre?!

According to an online rumor, a new Marvel video game—an FPS—could be in development that presents the franchise from a different perspective.



According to the latest rumors surfacing online, a new Marvel video game may be in development. Currently, Marvel licenses five games. Among them is Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, which could be released sometime in 2025. This new game would be the sixth to not have a set release date. It would join the untitled Iron Man and Black Panther games, Marvel’s Wolverine, and Marvel’s Blade.

The Marvel Games division was founded in 2009, but the earliest traces of its catalogue date back to 1982, when Spider-Man was released for the Atari 2600.

Over four decades later, Marvel Games has released several successful AAA titles. Mobile games like Marvel Snap continue to offer players non-stop content in the palm of their hands.

According to Kurakasis’ social media post, an announcement is expected in 2024 that will make everything official. It is rumoured that the game will be titled Marvel Rivals. It is said to be a AAA first-person shooter set in the Marvel Universe. The rumour first started when an unnamed Chinese studio posted an ad on its official LinkedIn company account. They are looking for new collaborators to work on a game with a AAA budget. The location of the company was chosen to be Guangzhou, China. This happens to be the same city where NetEase is headquartered. Since he had a hand in previous Marvel mobile games, it didn’t take long for the picture to come together.


How could a Marvel video game work as an FPS?


The first-person shooter introduced in the Marvel universe could be a refreshing twist compared to what fans were used to in previous releases. While Spider-Man 2 was a blockbuster, it’s encouraging that they’re taking some risks to offer gaming fans a different approach.

However, like most rumours circulating online, it’s best to treat the information very carefully until concrete evidence emerges with NetEase’s announcement.

First-person shooters also come with the option of microtransactions. This is unfamiliar territory for NetEase as well. Both Marvel Super War and Marvel Snap are mobile games where extra content can be purchased through the microtransaction system. First-person shooters are also known to have the same. A Marvel game with a new genre could appeal to many. But some expect Marvel Rivals to fall down the same rabbit hole as Fortnite.

The latter is a fun battle royale game with a significant market that lures in players who can then face an endless series of bonus transactions…

Unlike the many releases planned for 2025 and beyond, Marvel isn’t offering more in the single-player action game genre. If Marvel Rivals were to happen, it would break with the status quo. It would mark a new chapter in the Marvel gaming universe. Marvel has released many blunders over the years. Marvel Avengers performed below expectations, and Guardians of the Galaxy received mixed reviews. A first-person Marvel video game could be what fans have been wanting, and time will tell if it’s worth the AAA budget and hype built around it.

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