Strange PS Plus Bug Causes Players to Play Two Games at Once! [VIDEO]

A strange bug is affecting players trying to play through Sony’s PS Plus service, causing them to play multiple games at once.


An unusual bug affecting Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is affecting players attempting to play games through the service. The bug, which affects both PS4 and PS5 PS Plus users, appears to launch two games on the same console at the same time, even though the feature isn’t native to the consoles.

Game subscription services have come a long way since the early days of the PS3 and Xbox 360 generations. Compared to the limited offerings back then, platform services offer things like free game libraries, online play, and cloud services to convince gamers to pay on a regular basis. More recently, Sony has turned to online game streaming to provide more value to gamers, as the price of PS Plus subscriptions has recently increased in some areas. The premium level of the PS Plus subscription offers several classic games for online streaming for PS4 and PS5 consoles.


Due to PS Plus bug, player is playing two games at the same time


In this PS Plus online streaming environment, Reddit user TheLeftBoy encountered a bizarre PS Plus bug. TheLeftBoy attempted to play the Jedi action game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 through the service. But instead of Starkiller Saga, who may have been one of the most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars franchise, TheLeftBoy saw a strangely flickering title screen of a completely different game: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, originally released for PS3 in 2013.


Help I just wanted to play the force unleashed II on PlayStation plus =(
byu/TheLeftBoy inplaystation


An unusual PS Plus glitch caused Sly Cooper’s title screen to flicker severely throughout TheLeftBoy’s The Force Unleashed 2, rendering the game nearly unplayable. TheLeftBoy said they eventually solved the problem by exiting and restarting the game, but their footage of the strange bug caught the attention of users on the PlayStation subreddit. Some players were concerned that the constant flashing could pose a risk to light-sensitive players, such as those with epilepsy, which can trigger seizures in some people when exposed to rapid flashes and bright lights. Even major franchises like Call of Duty have glitches that can affect users with epilepsy.

Others were amused by the glitch, joking that Sony was sending subliminal messages to PS Plus subscribers to “brainwash” them into playing Sly Cooper. Some people said they encountered the bug while streaming other games through PS Plus. One player encountered the error while playing the classic version of God of War on the PS5, and the error was so severe that he was unable to stream any PS Plus games and was forced to contact Sony tech support for a solution. While game streaming has come a long way in recent years, glitches and failures like those experienced by TheLeftBoy and others put uncomfortable wrinkles in the company’s vision of a cloud-based future where gamers don’t have to rely on local machines to play.

Source: GameRant

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