New Info Emerges On People Can Fly’s Latest Game, Project Maverick!

It looks like People Can Fly is looking for people who know how to create PVP levels for the shooter genre…



Nearly a year ago, People Can Fly (Bulletstorm, Outriders) and Xbox Game Studios announced they were collaborating on an upcoming game with the working title Project Maverick. We’re guessing it could be another year or two before we hear anything official about it. However, until then, the studio’s job advertisements can provide clues.

In October, it was reported that the title was looking for people with “a knowledge and passion for RPG games”. Thanks to another round of job postings looking for a senior level designer, we already know that it’s likely to be an Unreal Engine 5 game with PvP shooter elements.


Here are some of the listed requirements that People Can Fly is looking for:

  • Experience in working with shooter genre
  • Experience in creating PVP maps
  • Experience in level design – both practice and theory (chokepoints, routes, lines of sight, engagement distances)
  • UE5 knowledge and Unreal Engine Editor full working proficiency


As already mentioned, don’t expect Project Maverick in the near future. But one thing’s for sure: People Can Fly knows how to make fun and beautiful-looking action games with a ton of depth. So we are definitely looking forward to this new title…

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