XDefiant: Is This Why Ubisoft’s “Call Of Duty Beater” Shooter Is Delayed?!

According to Insider Gaming, Ubisoft executives want XDefiant to copy Call of Duty slavishly, but the game is reportedly not in danger of being cancelled.



The video game industry is full of alternatives to popular games. While Call of Duty reigns supreme, other studios are looking to emulate its success with similar propositions. XDefiant from Ubisoft was one of the shooters that surprised users the most last year.

The community liked the proposal and brought many players together, but the Ubisoft developers had only one goal: to finish and launch the game, which they failed to do.

A few months ago, it was revealed that the XDefiant had delayed its launch. And now the media Insider Gaming has published exciting information about the state of the FPS. According to Ubisoft’s financial results, the game is currently scheduled to be released before the end of the quarter. However, it is clear that it will not be released between now and March 31, as nothing has been announced. Tom Henderson spoke to some developers, and they indicated that the original release will be in February 2024. However, something happened.

Internal goals are not being met, and developers are frustrated by the lack of progress. The previously mentioned media suggests that all of these issues are due to the fact that Ubisoft executives presumably want XDefiant to be a one-for-one copy of Call of Duty. Hence, the constant delays.

One source notes, “The endless quest to chase COD and add pointless stuff always breaks the current version.”


The future of XDefiant


While the above news may be worrying, there is no need to worry about XDefiant. Henderson believes that even Ubisoft itself does not know when this shooter will be released. However, this title is not in danger of being deleted. Its development continues despite the problems. They recently tested the network code, store, and more.

One more open public test is expected before the final rollout. So it’s probably a few months away from being on the market. Until months ago, it was known that PS4 and Xbox One players would only get the title later. It is not known if this situation has changed. It was also recently revealed that XDefiant will have SBMM.

Source: Insider Gaming

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