Will A Popular Rockstar Game Be Playable For Free Soon?!

Rockstar Games’ GTA+ service is a subscription available for PS5 and Xbox X Series X/S that provides GTA – The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, as well as perks for GTA Online, among many others…



We received the latest news about GTA+ with quite a bit of surprise. Because Rockstar rarely discloses anything about its subscription, which was announced over two years ago. GTA+ is a service that offers many perks for GTA Online. Older or mobile games are usually made available as part of the service. But now they’ve added another incentive to sign up for GTA+, and that’s Red Dead Redemption.

According to Rockstar’s official website, you can play Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare for free without having to buy them, thanks to a subscription called GTA+, which was announced in mid-2022, and more and more will be added over the months. Added Rockstar Games games.

Thanks to backward compatibility, the open-world western is currently playable on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. That’s right, the subscription we’re talking about is for PS5 and Xbox X Series X/S owners.

In the Xbox Store, there is a message “Included with GTA+.” In the case of the PS Store, it is enough just to go to the Red Dead tab, and we can already see that it can be played this way. The subscription is 6 euros per month, and you get a set of benefits for GTA Online, as well as other exciting titles. It’s worth noting that Red Dead Redemption was updated for PS5 to 4K and 60 FPS months ago.


What else does Rockstar Games’ service include in addition to Red Dead Redemption?


Rockstar has a pleasant surprise for many players. Red Dead Redemption and GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition can, therefore, be played for free on Xbox and PlayStation consoles if you are a GTA+ subscriber.

GTA+ was created primarily to benefit the millions of GTA Online users. Benefits include: $500,000 per month, discounts on Shark cards, additional rewards and privileges on vehicles and real estate. From the video games side, GTA – The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition can also be enjoyed for free. Let’s not forget to mention that with GTA +, you can also download GTA: Chinatown Wars and GTA: Liberty City Stories for free on both iOS and Android.

Source: Rockstargames.com

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