Spider-Man 4: The Zendaya-Tom Holland Movie May Arrive Sooner Than We Think?!

MOVIE NEWS – Sony & Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man 4 movie doesn’t have a director yet, but there are already candidates…



After Spider-Man: No Way Home grossed $1.916 million, it’s anyone’s guess whether Sony and Marvel Studios are making a new Spider-Man movie. The development of MCU Spider-Man 4 has been rumoured for quite some time. According to industry insiders, filming may begin in the fall.

This was revealed by the popular Jeff Sneider in one of his recent newsletters, explaining that according to the authorities’ idea, the film’s shooting could start in September or October this year.

Plus, with Tom Holland again in the title role and Zendaya playing MJ. This possibility seems to be taking shape after it was announced that the third season of Euphoria, which is being prepared for HBO, is waiting for you. (Even if it finally arrives at all after so many delays…)


Could a Fast & Furious veteran director step in for Spider-Man 4?!


Of course, the film still doesn’t have a director. However, the aforementioned journalist points to Justin Lin as a possible master behind the camera. Lin already has a lot of experience in franchises, having been in Fast & Furious, where he led the series for five episodes. He also left his mark in the Star Trek saga. Even in the somewhat underrated Star Trek: Beyond. The lesser-known Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) is also among the possible director candidates. However, none of them have been confirmed by Sony or the mainstream Hollywood industry media.

Either way, it looks like the studio wants to get the movie done as soon as possible, perhaps for a late 2025 release, now that Warner Bros. has left a bit of a gap in its release schedule by delaying The Batman 2.

A few months ago, it was said that Sony and Marvel were at odds over the film’s fate. Some wanted another story in the multiverse. Others wanted a plot “focused on the street level”. We also don’t know who took the bait, but it looks like the countdown has begun for more details…

Source: World of Reel

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