Will The Upcoming PS5 Update Bring A Major New Feature?!

TECH NEWS – A massive new update coming soon to the PS5 embraces user-generated content in a way that could prove extremely useful.



The PS5 is getting an interesting new update in the form of “Community Game Help”. In the framework of the latter, players can share their gameplay footage and tips with the PlayStation 5 community. This new feature allows participating players to help their fellow players in a new and unique way.

Although recent reports suggest that the PS5 is already at the end of its life, updates are still coming to the console, and an upcoming update will be an excellent addition for players who need help or tips on certain parts of a game.

Community Game Help is a user-generated content update that will be coming to PS5 soon. Since gamer satisfaction is one of Sony’s main goals, adding this feature to PlayStation 5 is a new option for gamers in need. This way, they can get help directly from the community.


PS5 introduces Community Game Help


PS5 owners will be able to share their own gameplay footage and tips to help other players. Developers can also highlight their own tips. Players will have the option to log in or out of Community Game Help. The service will be available to users with or without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

To upload to Community Game Help, players record a specific part of the game they want help with, and if approved by a moderator, it’s uploaded to Community Game Help, where fellow players can rate it.

A “Hints Inside” icon is currently displayed when you press the PS button to display the PS5’s Control Center. This will be updated over time to include tips labeled “Community Game Help”.

An official release date for the update has not yet been confirmed. However, Sony has promised that the feature will begin rolling out to select games sometime this year. The overall goal is to expand Community Game Help to as many titles as possible once the feature finally launches. Sony is working on many community-oriented projects. Community Game Help looks like a great way for players to help each other.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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