Will Condor, a Spinoff of Control, be Free-to-Play or Not?!

Remedy Entertainment’s multiplayer concept will not use the free-to-play model, and it is already a given that it will be supported by a live service, which means that the Finnish studio will continue to try to expand its content after release.


Condor has been announced for 2021. Set in the world of Control, it will be a four-player PvE title and was originally developed in collaboration with publishing partner 505 Games, but since Remedy Entertainment bought the rights to Control from the publisher for €17 million earlier this year, the company has pulled out of the game and it’s now just Remedy. Condor was also mentioned in the Finnish company’s financial report: “After the Hiss invasion, the Oldest House is under lockdown: a boiling pot of volatile and dangerous supernatural forces. Trapped inside is the last remnant of the Federal Bureau of Control, who must take a stand and fight back to regain control. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And everyone is needed,” reads the synopsis.

Remedy’s previous games have tended to revolve around a single protagonist (Alan Wake 2 modified this by having two protagonists), but Condor will change that fundamentally. While Control features the supernatural powers of Jesse Faden, Condor will presumably feature lower-ranking, perhaps anonymous people who are out to cleanse the House of any threats to it, since that is where Control’s headquarters are located. After all, none of them want to become some kind of interdimensional pulp.

Condor will be a service-based, fixed-price game, which is a premium game with a lower price point, but Remedy Entertainment expects to generate longer-term revenue from updates, content add-ons, and presumably microtransactions. According to the Finnish company, the live service model could become an increasingly important business model in the future, and with the right implementation, it could work without being disruptive. Helldivers 2 on PlayStation 5 and PC is a good example of this…

So you’re going to have to pay something for Condor, it’s just a question of how much.

Source: PCGamer, Remedy Entertainment

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