This Is How The New Xbox Series X Could Look Like!

TECH NEWS – Several images have leaked online that purport to depict an unannounced Xbox Series X model, seemingly confirming some of its long-rumoured features…



Some (said to be) authentic images have surfaced online, purportedly depicting an unannounced Xbox Series X model. The photos match some recent rumours. For those who say Microsoft is working on a disc-less version of the Series X.

Rumours of a mid-generation Xbox hardware update have been circulating in the industry since 2023.

One of the most recent developments on this front was a report from eXputer in late February that claimed Microsoft was working on an all-white and digital-only Xbox Series X.

A month later, eXputer also published some images. (See the link at the end of the article!) These seem to support the original report. Two of the leaked images show the rumoured console from the back. Another shows the front of the device. The most significant takeaway from the leak is that the console will indeed be white. Also, it doesn’t have an optical disc drive. In February 2024, a report from eXputer also claimed that the white Series X will boast some minor component upgrades. For example, with an improved heatsink.


What have we heard so far about the new Xbox Series X model?

  • All white design
  • No disk drive
  • 1 TB of storage
  • Minor component improvements, including heatsink and Nexus card
  • Its price is around 400 dollars
  • It will likely debut in June or July 2024


The newly surfaced images do not match the original parameters of the new Xbox Series X model. These were recorded as recently as September 2023, courtesy of some poorly edited FTC filings. The latter stems from the regulator’s legal battle with Microsoft over its finalized acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This leftist revealed a high-resolution rendering of a disc-less Xbox Series X concept that was black and cylindrical instead of white and rectangular. The same document also revealed that the console’s internal codename was “Brooklin”. The original Xbox Series X and Series S consoles were codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, respectively. In contrast, the entire product range was internally named Scarlett.

Since Microsoft itself has indirectly confirmed the authenticity of the FTC leak, the discrepancy between the rendering of the cylindrical console and the now leaked images – assuming we take them at face value – can be explained in two ways.

One is that Microsoft simply opted for a different design. Perhaps to minimize the cost of switching production lines to accommodate a new Xbox Series X model. Another possible explanation is that this now-leaked console isn’t the Brooklin, which the FTC leak says isn’t scheduled to launch until November 2025. Some signs point directly to the fact that Xbox is working on two parallel consoles…

Source: eXputer

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