Andrew Lincoln Promises A “Tremendous Reunion” In The Walking Dead’s New Spinoff Series!

MOVIE NEWS – Regarding the new TWD side-series, Andrew Lincoln hinted at a possible ‘reunion’ of the original characters of The Walking Dead. (WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live!)



Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead, recently discussed the possibility of a fantastic crossover between the TWD spinoffs.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lincoln hinted at the possibility of a big reunion while reflecting on the finale of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

He described the possible event as a “tremendous, traumatic reunion”. Alluding to the mix of excitement and difficulty that can come from reuniting characters. You can read Lincoln’s words below:

“That’s very astute, and something we spoke at length about. There are a few surviving personalities still in the universe, and it would be extraordinary to have them all breathe the same air at some point. It could be an absolutely tremendous, traumatic reunion of sorts.”

After the original series ended in November 2022, the narrative branched off into various spinoffs. Each of these explores different aspects of the zombie-infested world. Among them is “Dead City”, which focuses on the duo of Maggie and Negan. Then, “Daryl Dixon” follows Daryl and Carol’s adventures. As well as “The Ones Who Live”, which wraps up Rick and Michonne’s story.

Despite the diversity of the series, they all share the same barren universe, setting the stage for a possible crossover event that could reunite the beloved characters.

Lincoln was not the only one to raise the idea of a crossover. Scott Gimple, head of content for the franchise and showrunner of “The Ones Who Live,” has also expressed interest in weaving together the various spinoffs. By laying the groundwork in each series, you set the stage for a future event. Then, characters from different corners of the franchise may meet, possibly to face a new threat to their survival.



A legújabb Walking Dead-spinoff, a The Ones Who Live előtt a franchise főnöke, Scott Gimple elárulta, hogy lehetséges-e a crossover más TWD-sorozatokkal...



How can a crossover like Andrew Lincoln hinted at happen?


The feasibility of a crossover is supported by the interlocking nature of the TWD spinoffs. After all, they all take place in the same universe, roughly at the same time. In “The Ones Who Live”, the revelation of CRM’s global reach – with spies in communities around the world – hints at a looming threat that could bring the characters together.

This overarching threat can serve as a catalyst for reunification, providing a common goal for scattered survivors.

In addition to the large-scale crossover, it is also possible for individual characters to appear in different series. Once Rick and Michonne are safely back in their Virginia communities, they could play a role in the series titled “Daryl Dixon.” Or they could help Maggie in the series “Dead City”. Such interactions would not only enrich the narrative fabric of the franchise. They would also give fans a chance to see their favourite characters in a new context.

As the universe of The Walking Dead continues to expand, the possibility of a crossover event becomes more and more likely. Such an event would not only be an exciting spectacle for fans, but also a testament to the franchise’s enduring appeal and adaptability. With multiple series exploring different aspects of the post-apocalyptic world, the potential for a unifying event is enormous, promising an exciting future for The Walking Dead universe.

Source: THR

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