Is Discord Introducing Ads?

So far, the popular chat client hasn’t introduced any ads other than its own store, but that could change in a few days, so you may start seeing ads on Discord that you can’t remove unless you pay for it (Nitro subscription).


Discord announced its plans for “sponsored quests” in March. Players will be able to earn in-game items by completing quests while others on the server watch. According to the Wall Street Journal, the program will launch later this week, and paid promotions will now become a permanent part of the platform, appearing in the bottom left corner of users’ screens.

To earn the rewards, users must stream a specific game and complete a task within the game that at least one person must be watching. According to the Wall Street Journal, Discord is serious about adding more than a dozen people to its advertising positions, even though the company has previously said it has no plans to introduce advertising on other social platforms. Discord claims that you will be able to turn off ads in the settings, but we are curious to see if you can REALLY turn it off for everyone, or will this option only be available to subscribers…?

There are two Discord Nitro subscriptions, one with less features but cheaper. Nitro Basic is $/€3 per month, which increases your upload limit from 25 to 50 MB, allows you to use custom emoticons anywhere, gives you unlimited use of Super Reactions, and adds a Nitro badge to your profile. The Nitro Subscription is $/€10 per month, which increases your upload limit to 500 MB, allows you to stream in HD resolution on servers, gets you two server boosts, and you can also personalize your profile.

Meghana Dhar, a former Instagram executive who works as a technology consultant, told the Wall Street Journal that Discord’s decision to move away from advertising could alienate users. According to the site’s sources, Discord now generates $600 million in revenue, which quadrupled since 2020. Last summer, the company laid off 4 percent of its workforce, and in January, another 17 percent…

Source: VGC, WSJ

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