Can Blizzard “Lend” Warcraft To Other Studios?!

Blizzard director of franchise John Hight wants Warcraft to be “a little bit more” than it is now.



The Warcraft saga has appeared in several formats, sometimes even beyond the boundaries of video games. In fact, many consider the Warcraft movie to be the best title adapted to the screen. Blizzard is proud to have achieved this through the initiative. But is there a chance that Overwatch owners will lend their IP to other developers?

While it’s true that companies like Riot Games have already resorted to this strategy to create new games set in the League of Legends universe (plans that are no longer a priority for the studio), the Warcraft director believes that this move is a possible under one condition: if they find the perfect partner.

John Hight, director of the Warcraft franchise, expressed his opinion in an interview with IGN on the occasion of the Game Developers Conference. “Of course, we’re open to people who really get it and have great ideas about how to express Warcraft and if we feel like they can hit the nail on the head aesthetically,” he explained. “I think if we find the right partner, if we find the right situation, especially if they dominate a game genre that we don’t, I think they would be ideal partners to work with, and we’re open to that, but it’s still relatively new. ”

Warcraft is indeed very popular. But that doesn’t stop its creators from further expanding the IP to capture new users. “I’m open to it because I want Warcraft to be a little bit more than it is now, and I don’t want us to grow so fast that we can’t serve the audience we have anymore,” he continues. “But I think it’s useful to rely on other companies who share our love for Warcraft, who have great ideas, who share our belief in quality and can deliver. But that’s probably a pretty narrow list right now, isn’t it?”


Could Blizzard still make another Warcraft movie?


Hight also touched on the relationship between video games and movies. As well as the fact that some creators tend to occupy the director’s chair in large productions. “If we can find talent in other fields who are committed to media and who share the love and passion for Warcraft, sure.”

“Unfortunately, some of my colleagues have fallen in love with the idea of making movies, and taking advantage of the opportunity to own or control the IP, they can get into the world of film.”

“But there are so many professionals who have been doing this for so many years, [and] dozens, if not hundreds, of movies that could be done much better. I wouldn’t let someone who only makes movies try to make a game like Warcraft, right? So I think finding such partnerships is the right approach,” concludes the pro.


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