Content Warning: What About The Console Versions?

The game, which seemed like an April Fool’s joke but immediately garnered a lot of attention, is currently only available on PC (where it got off to a great start thanks to its clever strategy), making it a legitimate question as to when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series will get the co-op horror game.


We’ve already covered this game in the news, and it was an instant hit, as Landfall Publishing made Content Warning available for free for a short period of time: it racked up over 6 million downloads on Steam in no time, which is no mean feat. This led to a lot of videos being posted about it, and today the game still has a solid player base, with new features to come. The only problem is that Content Warning is currently not available for any console.

Hanna Fogelberg, Community Manager at Landfall Publishing, was interviewed by The Loadout. One of the questions was whether a PlayStation 5/Xbox Series version of Content Warning is planned. Fogelberg says it’s too early to say because it’s a big decision for them, but she did say that they would like to port the game to Sony and Microsoft’s current generation consoles at a later date. At the moment, the main obstacle is technical, as the game is designed in such a way that it cannot be properly ported to a console.

And what about VR? The developers aren’t working on it right now (they’re currently working on eliminating glitches, fixing bugs, and adding content), but they haven’t ruled out the possibility of making Content Warning playable in virtual reality in the future. If the game were to appear on PlayStation 5, it would be logical to support PlayStation VR2; Microsoft doesn’t have a VR headset that can be connected to a console (a HoloLens would be interesting…).

So anyone who wants to play Content Warning on PlayStation 5 will have to wait, and it’s not clear how long, as Fogelberg didn’t mention a release date. The only solution is patience.

Source: GameRant. The Loadout

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