Is A Brand New SOCOM Game In Development?

One of Sony’s older IP’s is rumored to be getting some sort of revival, which seems like a good idea given the success of the shooter on PlayStation 2 (which was also available to play online before the days of PlayStation Network).


The last time SOCOM hit store shelves was thirteen years ago, when the PlayStation 3 exclusive SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs was released in April 2011. Just over a year later, Sony decided to shut down Redmond-based Zipper Interactive, the developers of the franchise, despite the fact that the first installment had been associated with them since 2002. The IP seemed to have disappeared, and Sony hasn’t spent a moment on it since. That might change, as an actor’s resume has turned up.

The bizarre thing is that the actor, David Veach, is now deceased. His resume was shared on Reddit, and here we saw that Veach’s movements were digitized by Sony, so the company did some mo-cap work for an interestingly named project. SOCOM 111. Either that’s a typo (Sony previously advertised SOCOM 3 as having 1’s instead of Roman I’s), or it will be the name of the next episode.

Another twist in the story is that Veach’s name is not on the SOCOM 3 roster, which contains 558 names. If SOCOM 111 is the same as SOCOM 3, one would think that Sony would have added Veach’s name to the credits accordingly. Is “The Hundred and Eleven” still in the works, or has Sony given up on it? Usually, mo-cap work is done early in development because it allows the developers to get the character animation right.

So who knows what exactly is going on. Maybe SOCOM 111 is in the works and Veach will be in it posthumously. It could also be an older project that was canceled. Either way, it would be nice to see the company take care of its older IPs.

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