Sugar S01 E01-E02 – Colin Farrell Retro Private Detective in Apple TV+’s Mysterious Crime Series

SERIES REVIEW – A modern interpretation of classic detective stories arrives on Apple TV+ with Colin Farrell leading the charge. ‘Sugar’ stylishly reimagines the film noir genre, employing intelligent dialogue and concise storytelling while staying true to the roots of the genre.


The world of detective series blooms anew, as previously demonstrated by Natasha Lyonne and Clive Owen, and now Colin Farrell follows suit with ‘Sugar.’ In this series, Farrell embodies John Sugar, a private detective filled with mysteries, specializing in finding the missing relatives of the wealthy. Sugar, a man deeply fascinated by old Hollywood films, is modest and restrained, yet incredibly adept at solving any mystery without causing harm.



Sophisticated, Intelligent Detective Takes Center Stage


At the series’ start, we meet Sugar as a multilingual, refined detective genius, tasked by a film mogul (played by James Cromwell) to find his missing granddaughter. On this peculiar journey, Sugar encounters vibrant characters like Amy Ryan, Kirby, Nate Corddry, Anna Gunn, and Dennis Boutsikaris, who all bring excitement to the narrative. The series centers around Farrell, who shoulders a significant portion of the narrative weight, portraying a private detective harboring deep secrets, wearied by life’s storms.

Directed by Fernando Meirelles, known for the memorable Brazilian crime drama ‘City of God,’ ‘Sugar’ utilizes modern filmmaking techniques while preserving the essence of classic detective stories. The series skillfully blends contemporary narrative with authentic ambiance from classic film clips, enriching and deepening the storytelling. Colin Farrell shines as John Sugar, captivating with his charisma and nuanced portrayal of the character, while supporting performances by Amy Ryan and Dennis Boutsikaris contribute to the series’ dense atmosphere.



Film Noir with Classic Style and Modern Cinematic Tools


‘Sugar’ primarily builds on elements of the film noir genre, unraveling a simple yet complex mystery that reveals more layers with each episode, keeping the series fresh and exciting. Episodes, typically just over 30 minutes, under the creative direction of Mark Protosevich with producers Colin Farrell and Simon Kinberg, explore new dimensions of modern detective stories while retaining the spirit of classic black-and-white detective series.

The ‘Sugar’ series offers a lasting experience not only to genre enthusiasts but also to those previously unacquainted with the world of cinema, thanks to its stunning atmosphere and mystery-laden style. Amidst the endless content offered by streaming services, ‘Sugar’ occupies a special place by cleverly blending traditional elements with novelties, inviting everyone to a fresh and thrilling discovery.



Classic Style with Unexpected Twists and an Exceptional Colin Farrell


While the series does not aim to revolutionize the genre, its superb film noir style and homage to the great detective films of the past certainly deserve recognition. ‘Sugar’ captivates not just by placing classic elements in a modern context but also through numerous unexpected twists and discoveries, which, although sometimes divisive, add freshness and uniqueness to the overall picture.

The depth and mysteries of Colin Farrell’s character, John Sugar, along with the complex world around him, form the heart of the series. Farrell’s performance, radiating both charisma and vulnerability, makes the character memorable, especially good news for DC and Batman fans, as the upcoming Max-aired Penguin series, previously introduced in ‘The Batman,’ approaches.

The central narrative of a young girl’s disappearance merely serves as a pretext to showcase Sugar’s investigative skills and uncover Hollywood’s hidden sides, without dominating the story. This allows the series to offer deeper insights into the complex relationships and character development of the cast, encouraging viewers to engage more with the characters than just following a linear plot progression.



You’ll Love It Even If You’re Unfamiliar with the Classics


Thanks to embedded references to older films, ‘Sugar’ can be explored on multiple dimensions by those familiar with these classics, but it can also captivate those new to the genre. Its dark ambiance, mysterious style, and willingness to try new things provide an experience worth the patience.

Finding something new and original among the flood of content on streaming platforms can be challenging. However, ‘Sugar’ offers a unique form of entertainment, dressing the familiar in new clothes and infusing viewers’ everyday lives with a dream-like atmosphere, as if transporting them to the world of great classic films.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-




Sugar S01 E01-E02

Direction - 8.5
Actors - 8.6
Story - 8.2
Visuals/Music/Sounds - 8.6
Ambience - 8.8



In the 'Sugar' series, Colin Farrell transforms into a modern-day retro private detective on the screen of Apple TV+, adding a new hue to classic detective stories. The series is distinguished by its elegantly executed film noir style and the exploration of deep layers within its characters, while the exciting plot and unexpected twists keep viewers engaged. 'Sugar' offers novelties not only to lovers of the genre but also to a broader audience, thanks to its modern execution and Colin Farrell's memorable performance.

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