ASUS Unveils The ROG Mjolnir: We Have No Idea What It Does, But It’s Awesome!

TECH NEWS – The hardware manufacturer ASUS has announced a new device from the Republic of Gamers hardware family called ROG Mjolnir.



Hardware manufacturer ASUS has announced a new gaming rig called the ROG Mjolnir. Designed for the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) product line, Mjolnir seems to be aimed at gamers on the go.

Although ASUS is best known for desktop PC hardware such as monitors and graphics cards, it has made enormous strides in recent years to meet the needs of gamers who want more portability. The ASUS ROG Ally has become a strong competitor to the Steam Deck for dominance in the handheld PC gaming scene. Other initiatives, such as the ROG Phone and ROG NUC, cater to mobile-based gamers and PC enthusiasts looking to reduce the footprint of their desktop units.


ASUS ROG Mjolnir promises portable performance with a Thor-inspired design


ASUS’ latest announcement about the Republic of Gamers product line could easily be mistaken for an April Fool’s joke. (Especially since the news was announced on April 2, 2024, via ASUS ROG’s official social media accounts.) The novelty is called the ASUS ROG Mjolnir, and at first glance, it looks like a technical approximation of Thor’s mighty hammer, similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To those seen in his Thor movies.

The announcement also mentions that more details about the ROG Mjolnir will be revealed at Computex 2024, a major tech-focused trade show starting June 4 in Taipei.

The official post does not explicitly describe the functions and features of the ASUS ROG Mjolnir. Based on the picture, some details are pretty easy to make out. The device is named after the iconic hammer worn by the Norse god Thor. However, it may also refer to the already existing line of ASUS Thor desktop power supplies. The battery itself can be a sizeable portable power supply that contains at least four standard type B mains sockets. Mjolnir also appears to have two USB-A and two USB-C ports. As well as a screen that shows data such as output voltage and battery charge.

A unique feature of Mjolnir is the large, tubular “handle” that extends from the top of the casing; reports say it could be a light source or a detachable flashlight.

The announcement of ASUS ROG Mjolnir shows that ASUS is targeting the needs of the mobile and portable gaming market even more. While PC and console gaming was once seen as a sedentary pastime confined to bedrooms or basements, products like the ROG Ally and gaming laptops like the ROG Strix put high-end hardware in the hands of gamers wherever they are. Mjolnir can be a suitable accessory to charge energy-hungry devices off-grid.

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