Could A Classic Batman Villain Have Also Returned In The Dark Knight Rises?!

MOVIE NEWS – To conclude the Dark Knight trilogy, the Nolan brothers finally decided on Bane to make a “post-apocalyptic” film…



It’s been over a decade since The Dark Knight Rises. This was the film with which Christopher Nolan gave a bittersweet farewell to Batman among fans. To make the film, the director chose Bane as the most representative villain in cinema. However, many other ideas came up during the development. In fact, they originally wanted to bring back the character of Riddler.

It was a logical decision, considering the character’s great appeal among fans and the many nuances that can be developed in an adaptation.

Plus, Warner Bros. was apparently very interested in having Leonardo DiCaprio play the villain. However, there was a problem. Jonathan Nolan, who has recently been in the news for Fallout’s upcoming release on Prime Video, explained in a recent interview why the character was left out.


They wanted to move away from what they did with Joker in the Dark Knight movies


Speaking to Josh Horowitz, the screenwriter explains why Riddler could not be the antagonist of the trilogy’s final chapter. In his opinion, choosing him would have brought them too close to what they did with Joker. “That’s what I was excited about with that film,” Nolan said. “The idea that you sort of go there, right? With Batman, it’s always about, Batman always saves the day, the city always survives. There have been some examples in the comic books where they had just kind of gone for it a little bit.” “We made a post-apocalyptic movie,” he added.

“I thought, why can’t we do that with the movie? Why can’t we destroy Gotham and see what happens afterwards?”

It is not entirely clear to us why Riddler could not shine in this plot environment. Unless we take into account that they have a lot in common with Joker. From this point of view, it is understandable that the creators did not want two similar villains. But what is certain is that For many fans, Ascension was the low point of an otherwise unforgettable trilogy. The film is currently available on Max, Netflix and Prime Video.

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