63 Days: The Polish Revolt In World War II [VIDEO]

The developers of War Mongrels, Destructive Creations, have announced a multi-generational RTS game set in WWII with Polish protagonists.


You can already sign up for a closed beta test (see the second link below), but for those who miss it, a public demo of 63 Days will appear in a few weeks, which is genre-wise more PC-oriented, but will also be released on consoles.

The protagonist is part of the first generation born in a free Poland after 123 years of foreign occupation. The outbreak of World War II has robbed them of their family, their home, and their future. They’re angry, tired, but united. They’re itching to do something, to regain some control over their lives. Their companions and the protagonist feel they have only one choice: take revenge and regain independence for their city and nation, or die trying.

The odds are stacked against them. They’re like brothers and sisters, emboldened by their fighting spirit, relying on their wits, stealth, and teamwork. But will it be enough? 63 Days is about brotherhood and the fight to regain independence against overwhelming odds in occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1944. Despite its setting, it’s a universal story that shows the human cost of war from the perspective of ordinary people whose lives were uprooted by the outbreak of war. It’s an isometric real-time tactics game that follows in the footsteps of Destructive Creations’ previous release, War Mongrels, and builds upon its gameplay mechanics.

If they plan well and execute correctly as a group, they might just have a chance. The enemies won’t even know what hit them! They have many ways to approach each mission. Let’s hope they make the right choices and prevail. Wherever their rebellion takes them, their bravery will be remembered for generations. Their story will be told, and there will be enough survivors to tell it. They’ll use good tactics, be fearless, be like ghosts. They know how to fight. They prefer to be stealthy, to maximize their chances, to minimize their losses. But when that approach fails, they’ll shoot their way through.

They know Warsaw inside and out. They’ll use it to their advantage. The Germans may have destroyed large parts of the city, but that will come back to bite them now! They’re fewer in number, but stronger in motivation and the bonds that hold them together. Good cooperation is one of their strengths. Each of the Poles has a different background, personality, and skills, but they can fight well together. Having a good friend to fight alongside you and have your back is not only more fun, but also a great advantage.

63 Days is coming later this year to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gematsu, Google Forms

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