Zack Snyder Wants To “Correct” Another Of His Older Movies?!

MOVIE NEWS – Director Zack Snyder is asked about his filmography in every interview, and he is happy to answer. This time he talked about his worst rated job…



In a week, we’ll see how the second part of Rebel Moon debuts: will the fantasy/sci-fi epic manage to reverse the reviews of the first part. It may succeed, but before that, its director, Zack Snyder, will go on a media tour. In this context, we can read exciting statements. In this sense, the director once again showed that he is interested in fixing the specific Sucker Punch.

Although the film has its fans, it was arguably overhyped, like so much of the American director’s work; many consider Sucker Punch to be the low point of Snyder’s filmography.

Maybe that’s why Snyder wants to get back some of the ideas he didn’t have for the original cut and give audiences another version.

“The only movie I would change is Sucker Punch, because it never really got finished correctly. Even the director’s cut is not really the correct cut. It’s really just an extended version. If I had the chance, I would fix that movie.” (…) I have the footage already shot: they just have to let me put it together. We ask every now and then. We have to ask again,” he told Empire.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Zack Snyder’s interest in remaking a previously released film. It also sounds a bit boring. It is true that several of his projects have proven that he shines brighter in an original cut. It is possible that Sucker Punch could get a second life this way.


What is Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch about?


Sucker Punch is an epic action-fantasy to put it mildly, in which we follow Babydoll, who is determined to fight for her freedom after being locked up against her will. The production presented the viewer with very colorful, almost video game-like scenes.

The second part of Rebel Moon will premiere exclusively on Netflix on April 19. Alternative versions/cuts will arrive in the summer, which focus more on the adult audience and expand the plot with new scenes.

Source: Empire

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