Iron Man: We Won’t See Motive’s Game Anytime Soon!

Despite Electronic Arts’ claims that Motive (who last worked on the Dead Space remake) are doing relatively well with Iron Man, a post seems to claim the opposite.


The title of the post says it all: Motive joins Battlefield. So another studio has been hired by Electronic Arts for the new part of their first-person shooter. Patrick Klaus, studio director at Motive, told the publisher’s website: “I am proud to share more news about how we are maintaining our long-term strategy of having two world-class game teams developing projects side by side. In my last update, I talked about how the studio was going through an important period of evolution; we were investing in the development of our people in more ways than ever before, and we were improving our workspaces so that the teams could collaborate to the fullest and deliver the best game possible. This period of evolution and improvement continues today, as a group of Motive developers join the talented teams at Criterion, DICE, and Ripple Effect to continue to unlock the full potential of Battlefield.

The directors behind the Dead Space remake, Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola, will form a team at Motive that will work with Battlefield studios around the world to create what’s next for Battlefield: a universe that spans both multiplayer and single-player experiences. Their proven expertise in storytelling, immersive combat, and development on the Frostbite engine uniquely positions them to advance the vision for Battlefield led by Vince Zampella and Byron Beede.

In parallel, development continues on our Iron Man project, led by Olivier Proulx (Executive Producer) and Ian Frazier (Creative Director). The team has made excellent progress this year, reaching a major internal milestone and laying a solid foundation for the journey ahead. Iron Man is an important priority for Motive, and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done so far,” Klaus wrote.

So Motive can’t focus 100% on Iron Man, because after the closure of Ridgeline Games (the studio of Halo co-creator Marcus Lehtó, who has nothing positive to say about the publisher!), they’ve now been set by Electronic Arts to work on this IP. Shame…

Source: PCGamer, Electronic Arts

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