Elon Musk Says That Attacks On Social Media Rarely Cause Meaningful Harm!

TECH NEWS – According to the owner of Twitter, people are always being attacked by others on social media; shouldn’t the opposite be the goal?


The Huffington Post has obtained a lawsuit. 22-year-old Ben Brody sued Elon Musk over a response to a tweet he posted on June 27 last year (the original tweet has since been deleted). According to Musk, a possible false flag situation occurred at the Pride Night Fest in Oregon on June 24, when a fight broke out between the Proud Boys (a far-right organization) and a local neo-Nazi group, the Rose City Nationalists (RCN). According to Musk, one of the two members seen in the footage is a college student who wants to join the government, and the other is an Antifa member. This led to Brody being mistaken for a federal agent plant by the RCN. Brody was not even in the state at the time and is seeking more than $1 million in damages because Musk’s support behind the misidentification led to harassment and his family had to move.

During the deposition, an argument broke out between Brody’s attorney (Mark Bankston) and Musk’s attorney (Alex Spiro). Musk claimed that Bankston was suing him, not Brody, and Bankston corrected Musk’s mistake, but he continued. Bankston demanded that Spiro have an accurate knowledge of the case. Spiro then said it wasn’t a real lawsuit, but some nonsense, to which Bankston interrupted; Musk and Spiro then asked why Bankston was yelling. It’s not a soap opera script, but it sounds like one.

Musk says he didn’t do much damage to Brody. He is asked if he knows that the number of views of his tweet was so high that it could fill the stadiums of all thirty MLB teams. Musk says that there are 5-8 trillion views a year, so 1 million isn’t that big, and adds that people get attacked all the time in the media, online media, social media, but it’s rare that there’s a meaningful negative consequence in their lives because of it.

And the punchline: Spiro asked that the transcript be kept confidential. Bankston (who knew Texas law better) replied that it was out of the question because there was no protective order and they were under no obligation to comply, and he refused. Musk doesn’t seem to see what’s going on in the world from his ivory tower.


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