Could Apex Legends Be Finished For Good?!

According to Insider Gaming, around fifty (!) Apex Legends employees – mainly from the quality control area – will not continue, as their contracts have expired, and EA will not renew them…



The bad news keeps piling up for Apex Legends. For months now, the community has been unhappy about the latest issues surrounding the battle royale game. A few days ago, we drew attention to the fact that EA completely ruined the Apex Legends game with one of the updates, which was fixed a few days later.

Today, however, we’ve received another bit of bad news that doesn’t directly affect the title but does affect those who are working on finding bugs and making Respawn’s shooter work properly.

Insider Gaming has reported that EA is shutting down the UK studio focused on quality control for Apex Legends. They employed approximately 50 workers. But yesterday, they had a meeting where they announced that they would not renew their contract. This decision is strange for one reason in particular, and that’s because EA didn’t tell the project managers. That’s how they found out at this meeting.

They have flown entirely under the radar, but this team was formed back in 2022 and has been responsible for quality control of free-to-play since season 16. The reason for the decision is a “business reorganization”. There is no employee performance reason behind it. Moreover, the team is said to have performed well. All internal goals have been achieved. This reorganization appears to be separate from the one that began in late January, which saw 670 employees laid off.


EA closes Apex Legends studio focused on quality control


The decision came as a surprise to the members. “Everything seemed to be running smoothly, and we were ready to hit the ground running with plans for Apex next year,” said one staffer. Let’s add that just a year ago, hundreds of workers in the same department were dismissed. This may be the first step towards shutting down the game altogether…

Source: Insider Gaming

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