Bloodborne: FromSoftware Quickly Reached the Limits of the PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

Less than a year and a half after the launch of the PlayStation 4, the Japanese studio has produced a game that doesn’t quite live up to its original concept, as From Software ran into hardware limitations.


Lance McDonald, who released the unofficial 60 FPS patch for Bloodborne, spoke in a YouTube video about how quickly the Japanese studio was able to reach the limits of the console. He said that Bloodborne’s map design was held back by the PlayStation 4. In the network test and early alpha versions, after defeating Father Gascoigne, the hunter would be able to reach the Oedon Chapel through an area that was later enhanced with additional terrain and better lighting.

From this area, he would have reached an upward corridor that would have led the protagonist directly to Oedon Chapel. This was left out of the final version of Bloodborne, as the hunter instead takes the path to the Underground Library, which is the only way to get to Oedon Chapel. So there was originally a bigger area and a big corridor in front of Oedon Chapel, but the Underground Library ended up being shoehorned into the game, and it was all done because of the PlayStation 4 hardware.

The corridor to the temple didn’t allow the console to load the assets properly, so performance was poor, visual glitches occurred, and loading was slow as hell. As a result, they slowed down the journey there by adding a library area, which was added to the game two months before the final build of Bloodborne 1.0. In one of the unfinished versions, there were additional messages that gave lore about the game.

If Bloodborne were to be made for the PlayStation 5 (which is unlikely, as Sony doesn’t seem to want to deal with this IP…), it would load everything in no time due to the NVMe SSD, so the original corridor solution would be enough to load everything on the console. Except Sony won’t take a minute to port/remaster/remake it…

Source: WCCFTech

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