Star Wars Outlaws: Movement Between Planets Will Be Similar To Starfield

We also learned how the reputation system will work in Massive Entertainment’s game, and all of this was revealed in an interview with Game Informer magazine.


Star Wars: Outlaws has just received its official release date and pre-orders for the game have started. To mark the occasion, Game Informer interviewed some of the developers. Creative Director Julian Gerighty, for example, confirmed that you will be able to move between planets in a similar way to Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield: “For the planets, we wanted to have an orbit around them with lots of different points of interest, things to do, battles to get into, and places to explore. The orbits for each of the moons or planets that we created had to be populated with lots of different things, and we didn’t want to create endless space, so you hyperdrive from the orbit of one planet to the orbit of another.

Once in space, you can fight pirates and land on nearby space stations. All of this is tied to the game’s reputation system, which Matthieu Delisle, lead systems designer, explained in more detail: “If you have a bad reputation with the syndicates, they won’t let you in. You can sneak in, but if you get caught, you will be kicked out. But if you have a good reputation, if you’ve built up a good reputation with the Pyke Syndicate, for example, you can go in freely, and then you can get access to a lot of opportunities. These can be things like jobs for the syndicates, merchants with some of the better stuff for sale, information, rumors, and can also be high stakes Sabacc tables. The syndicates are hubs of opportunity that you can get access to with the right rep.” Alice Rendell, Senior Systems Designer, added that Kay will react to characters in the game based on their reputation. They will not be friends, but rather if Kay can help them at that moment.

Star Wars: Outlaws will be released on August 30th for PlayStation 5, Xbox series and PC. According to Intel’s announcement, you can get the game for free on PC with the purchase of certain 14th generation Raptor Lake-S processors or 14th generation Raptor Lake-HX laptops (Dell Alienware, Lenovo Legion, HP Opemn, Acer Predator, Asus ROG, MSI, Razer…).

Source: WCCFTech

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