Palworld Will Expand Into PvP [VIDEO]

With this move, Pocketpair’s game could even be mockingly called PvPalworld, since players will be able to fight each other in the arena.


The similarities between Palworld and Pokémon are almost always obvious, although Pocketpair’s creation allows for some things that Game Freak and Nintendo never allowed in Pokémon games. There is, however, one element of gameplay that Game Freak and the big N currently have a leg up on: you can fight another player, and we’ve seen this before on the Game Boy, or even in the Nintendo 64 Pokémon Stadium titles.

However, Pocketpair knew that over time, players might bring this up as a criticism, so the Japanese indie studio (which gained tens of millions of players with the launch of Xbox Game Pass) is looking to make up for lost ground, and during the Triple-I Initiative broadcast, we got our first look at the PvP mode Pal Arena, which they’ve announced will be coming to Steam and Game Pass sometime this year (if Palworld remains on Microsoft’s service until then).

“Pal Arena makes its way to Palworld in 2024. Pit yourself and your Pals against other players. Train the strongest Pals and defeat all your rivals,” reads the official synopsis. Beyond that, Pocketpair hasn’t provided any more information, so that’s about all we have on the game mode. You’ll also be able to enter the arena alone, so you won’t just have to fight with your buddy(s), you’ll be able to grab a weapon yourself to help you win.

But the video also hints at a split-screen multiplayer mode, so we can perhaps hope that Palworld will get such an update later this year. The only question is how much attention it will get. We’ll likely hear more details in a few months.

Source: WCCFTech

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