Stellar Blade: The Inspiration Came from an Unusual Place!

As Shift Up’s release date approaches, Sony is stepping up its marketing efforts to the point that all major publications are talking about the game.


PlayStation Blog interviewed Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung Tae and technical director Lee Dong Gi. The concept and theme of the game is not an easy one, and the director talked about it in detail: “The theme I dedicated to Stellar Blade is humanity. The story is about what makes us human and what defines us as human – it is quite universal. The story came to me one day when I was watching taxi drivers on strike. The strike erupted when self-driving car technologies began to advance, almost hinting at the introduction of autonomous cars in the near future.

This raised fears among taxi drivers that these technologies would eventually take over and replace their jobs. As I watched them go on strike, I wondered what I would do if that happened to me, if one day humans were completely replaced by something non-human. This is where the theme for Stellar Blade comes from. However, that was not the focus of the game; we tried to create an action-adventure game that players could enjoy while following Eve’s story.

We designed the game so that the backstory of the desolate Earth will be revealed as the game progresses. The story begins after the Earth has been ravaged by mysterious creatures called Naytiba, causing the decimated human race to flee to a space colony. Feeling defeated and tired of life in space, the humans decide to fight the Naytiba to reclaim their homeland. Players will learn the backstory and events in between as they progress through the game. After discovering the truth, Eve will be faced with a choice, and what she chooses is up to the player,” said Kim Hyung Tae.

It’s not your typical inspiration, but sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. Stellar Blade will be released on PlayStation 5 on April 26, and the demo is available now.

Source: PS Blog

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