Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Director is Optimistic About the Sequel

But that’s just marketing, of course, because Square Enix is definitely going to continue remaking Final Fantasy VII, as it’s a franchise that the Japanese publisher has made quite a few spin-offs from for a reason.


A book called Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania was released in Japan this week, featuring Yoshinori Kitase, the veteran producer of the franchise. It was summarized on Twitter. Kitase believes that the third act of Final Fantasy VII Remake might be the last game he works on in the franchise due to his age (he’s currently 57), so he wants to end the trilogy in a way that makes Cloud and the others happy at the end. He would like to end the project on a positive note with no loose ends, but that’s just his personal opinion.

Tetsuya Nomura, the creative director, had an interesting thought when we were fighting Sephiroth. The character’s existence can span across worlds, allowing him to exist in multiple universes at once. When Zack helps Cloud in battle, they exist in a moment where the two worlds are connected. When Zack, Cloud, and the other team members fight the reborn Sephiroth, presumably all in different worlds, they are all fighting the same entity.

Nomura mentions that many people didn’t expect Aerith to meet the same fate in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as she did in the original, which is why Cloud was able to fend off Sephiroth’s attack. Why does Cloud have a loud headache and then random flashbacks? There are several elements to this, but for now, it’s safe to say that the character’s mental state rejects these flashback scenes, and that’s what’s being portrayed with him. It’s hard to tell if Aerith is alive or not, and depending on what we see, we can interpret it differently. Compared to Cloud, the others see something completely different, and this has been confirmed.

Against Jenova, the team fights a full llimit break out of anger, except for Cloud. Barret even says it’s a form of grief. There’s a scene where Cloud holds Aerith and says something, but the noise drowns it out so you can’t tell what he’s saying. In the Forgotten City after the battle, Aerith appears next to Cloud, but Tifa doesn’t see her. The group is sitting by a lake where Aerith was buried in the original game. It is unknown how or where Aerith came from when she helped in the final battle against Sephiroth. Is the character alive at the end, or part of the Lifestream? Maybe Cloud is hallucinating? That’s not known yet. The world where Zack lives, or where Aerith and Cloud appeared in Sector 5, has a crack in the sky. Does that mean the end of the world?

So there are still some interesting questions to be answered in the third part of the Final Fantasy VII remake (probably called Reunion), which will be released in 3-4 years.

Source: WCCFTech

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