MacBook: Apple Keeps Defending Its 8 Gigabytes of RAM!

TECH NEWS – The Cupertino company continues to believe that 8GB of RAM (which, of course, cannot be upgraded because it is welded to the motherboard) is more than enough for portable Macs.


The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro come standard with 8GB of RAM (or 256GB of storage). That’s not a lot, especially when you consider that other manufacturers ship their laptops with twice as much. Nevertheless, in an interview, Apple executives continue to protect the amount of standard RAM. Kate Bergeron, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, and Evan Buyze, a member of the Mac marketing team, spoke to Taiwanese publication ITHome about a variety of MacBook-related topics.

The 256GB of storage isn’t enough for everyone, and with 8GB of RAM, Buyze says it’s enough for everyday tasks. Surfing the web, light photo and video editing, streaming movies – he says it’s enough for that. This is not the first time Apple has taken defensive measures. Recently, Bob Borchers, vice president of international product marketing, claimed that 8 GB of unified memory is the same as 16 GB in other laptops, and several tests have shown that multiple applications can not run simultaneously, and the excess is read by NAND flash, which reduces its life.

You could have replaced the current memory with a larger capacity, but since Apple has been using welding in laptops for more than a decade, you can’t upgrade it or the memory after the fact. And when you order the product, Apple charges a lot of extra money for more memory and a larger SSD. Programs are also becoming more memory intensive, meaning they need more RAM to run properly, and not just Windows software.

Apple needs to add more memory to its MacBooks sooner. If we see the proliferation of artificial intelligence (16GB is slowly becoming the minimum for Windows 11), the company will soon be in a forced situation.

Source: WCCFTech

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