A Sea of Thieves Ex-Dev Proposed to his Girlfriend in a Unique Way!

Human creativity can sometimes lead to some pretty unique ways of asking someone to marry you, as demonstrated by a developer who previously worked on Sea of Thieves (a game coming soon to PlayStation 5).


In the gaming industry, it’s not uncommon for people to try to get engaged in a game-inspired way. Either with unique merchandise or within a game (e.g. in an MMORPG or even in Media Molecule’s Dreams), but this is a much more creative solution than what Aaron Nielsen has done.

He has created a pixel graphics game called Love Letter, developed for a handheld platform called Playdate. It asks the player to use the handheld’s unique crank to move letters into the correct boxes within a given time. Upon completion, the question “Will you marry me?” pops up, with yes and no answers below. Nielsen’s girlfriend didn’t hesitate and chose the Yes option, but Nielsen revealed that if she had chosen No, the game would have asked “Are you sure?” endlessly.

Nielsen revealed that he created Love Letter using the Pulp editor. He has no programming experience and admitted that he sometimes relied on the audience to help him overcome obstacles. He added that many iterations were created during the six months of development, but he said that the reaction of his girlfriend (now fiancée) was worth the months of game development.

The story of Aaron Nielsen’s work shows how he took the suggestion to a new level. He took the time and effort to create a game (and it doesn’t matter that it’s on a not-so-modern platform!), all without much experience in the field. For that alone, he deserves all the congratulations, and we certainly hope that he and his partner will stay together for the rest of their lives.

Source: GameRant

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