Atlus Has its Hands Full: Two Older Persona Games to be Remade?

But there’s also another game in the pipeline, and since the three titles were all mentioned by the same insider, it’s better (and logical) to summarize them all in one place.


A well-known insider with inside information on Sega and Atlus games claims that Metaphor: ReFantazio will be released this fall and will not be delayed. It will be a new IP from Atlus, and many of its developers have also worked on Persona games. But there’s a notable difference. Persona is an urban fantasy RPG series, while Metaphor: ReFantazio is more traditional high fantasy. The gameplay loop is also different, but the social simulation and getting lost in dungeons will be there.

Last June, the game was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase with a release date of spring 2024 (at least under that name; we heard the name Project Re Fantasy from game developer Studio Zero back in 2016). We saw it again at The Game Awards in December, but the video here mentioned fall, so Atlus has delayed it by about half a year. According to Midori, a reliable Sega/Atlus insider, the game will not be delayed again, so it will be released in the fall. On the Microsoft Store for Hong Kong, October 12 was mentioned, but that falls on a Saturday, so we would say October 11 is a possible release date. Anyway, it’s in the fall…

According to Midori, Metaphor: ReFantazio will be coming to Nintendo Switch alongside Persona 3 Reload, so the two ports could be among the Switch 2 launch titles in early 2025, giving RPG fans plenty of time to get to grips with the Big N’s next platform. Midori then went on to talk about two other projects. According to her, the first two Persona games will also be remastered, but she later clarified and wrote that we can expect the two games in an “updated form”, so it’s not out of the question that they are remasters.

None of this is official yet.

Source: GameRant, VGC

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