World Of Warcraft Goes Big – Record Success For Blizzard And Microsoft!

The latest deal between Microsoft and Blizzard is a huge success. World of Warcraft hits over 2 million players in China in two days…



World of Warcraft pre-registration records are set, and other statistics confirm that it was a good decision to return to China.

Both Blizzard and Microsoft have every reason to be happy. The reason is that they return to China. That means millions of dollars and plenty of players coming back to Blizzard, as more of their games will be available in the Asian country as a result of the deal with NetEase. All this was already decided when Microsoft acquired the company.

The differences between the two companies are a thing of the past; the main thing is that a new one begins for the players.

It’s official: Blizzard is reaching out to China for its first and most significant win of 2024. However, a few hours ago, we learned some facts. This confirms the absolute success of Microsoft and Blizzard with their latest agreement. Most importantly, World of Warcraft gained over 2 million pre-registered subscribers in just two days! That’s an incredible number from the most popular MMORPG of all time.

As shared by the X/Twitter account NasDa, there are other statistics. All this also confirms that returning to China was a good decision. 92,021 accounts were recovered. But that’s not all. 146,990 accounts were reactivated, showing that users were able to recover all their progress. On the plus side, more than 1,000 resumes have been sent out for new positions in a joint venture between Blizzard and NetEase, the company that distributes Blizzard’s games, due to Chinese politics.

And that’s not all: Activision Blizzard’s entire catalogue will return to China this June! With games like Diablo III and IV, Starcraft II, Overwatch II and more…

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