The Saga’s Father Comments On Fallout TV Series – One Game No Longer Canon?! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Fallout series creator Tim Cain talks about Prime Video’s Fallout TV series and is impressed. However, the series has pretty much messed up gaming history…



Tim Cain is considered the father of the Fallout series, as he also played an essential role as a designer in the development of the first game. He was one of the leading creators responsible for the ideas that laid the groundwork for the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise now owned by Bethesda. And it recently returned in the form of the Fallout TV series on Prime Video.

Many players were waiting for the opinion of the creator of the franchise: Tim Cain was naturally invited by Bethesda to the presentation event.

His opinion, in short: he loved the series! Specifically, its humour, acting and set design, as he said in a video posted on his YouTube channel. He watched the first two episodes at the premiere. He paid more attention to the details on the screen than to the script itself because he was so surprised.

“I was literally on the edge of my seat,” recounts Cain. “I liked it. I thought visually it was really good. I thought the humor was very good, they hit the vibe. Also, extremely well-acted, I was impressed,” he says. According to Cain, series director Jonathan Nolan and showrunner Graham Wagner were also interested in his opinion. Because Wagner was a fan of the games, the creator of the series said this about Wagner: “He has played all the Fallouts, from the beginning, he played them in order. He’s a big Fallout fan,” he said (via The Gamer).

“I think if you watch the show you’re going to say it’s based mostly on Fallout 4, but there are elements from all the Fallouts,” he revealed.

“After a few minutes, I realized that I wasn’t even following the dialogues at all, because I was visually immersed in it”.


Could there be a problem with the Fallout TV series timeline?!


Bethesda director Todd Howard has previously said that the Fallout TV series is canon. That’s why it takes place after the events of the games released so far, so as not to disturb you.

However, in the sixth episode of the TV series, there is a scheduled time for something that happened before, which foils all of this.

WARNING: spoilers follow from episode 6 of the series and from the history of the Fallout universe!

As seen in the Fallout TV series trailer released a few weeks ago, the New California Republic (NCR) capital, Shady Sands, was destroyed in a nuclear explosion.

The sixth episode of the series dates this event to 2277. However, fans believe this contradicts what was mentioned in later games. As well as what we know about what the NCR forces were doing at the time. (According to Fallout: New Vegas, the first battle of Hoover Dam was fought against Caesar’s legion.)

Writing on social media platform X, Emil Pagliarulo, design director at Bethesda studio, clarified the exact timeline of the Fallout universe. According to this, the TV series Fallout takes place in 2296.

However, this only further highlights the controversy over the NCR – as New Vegas is set in 2281 and refers to Sandy Shores, some four years after the city was nuked according to the TV series.

Pagliarulo’s inclusion of New Vegas suggests that Bethesda does indeed consider the game to be part of the canon, having been developed by Obsidian rather than Bethesda’s in-house developers. But fans see this date error differently.

“New Vegas isn’t canon, thanks to the show,” one fan wrote in response to Pagliarulo. “The events of New Vegas takes place in 2281 where Shady Sands is doing just fine. Isn’t this a major retcon?” wrote another.

Source: YouTube, The Gamer, X

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