Tim Cain Himself Addressed The Fans About The New Fallout TV Series! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Fallout’s original designer Tim Cain shares his thoughts on toxic fans for Prime Video’s new adaptation.



Tim Cain, project lead for the original Fallout game, recently shared his thoughts on the “destructive” nature of some fans of the franchise. Cain was a guest of executive producer Todd Howard at the Hollywood premiere of the new series. He later shared his views on toxic fandom on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Cain praised Prime Video’s adaptation and then addressed the love-hate relationship with some fans who mistreat game developers online.

Cain said he sat next to Brian Fargo (CEO of inXile Entertainment, which made Wasteland, the game that originally inspired Fallout) at the premiere. The pair discussed the abuse they received from fans regarding the fictional rivalry between the various game developers working on the Fallout franchise.

Tim Cain talked about the turbulent history of Obsidian Entertainment and working on the Fallout games. She said she and Fargo spent an hour before the premiere discussing their history together. They came to the conclusion that “Neither of us are wrong… We just remember things differently.” Cain went on to say that “some of you guys [fans], some of the stuff you say online is so off.”

“Part of me wishes you guys could go to things like this and meet the people, and not just play a game and then go off on the people.”

Fallout is already a massive hit for Prime Video. The new series debuted at number one after its debut on April 11. The series currently sits at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Dan Cody of The Standard even said that Fallout “stands among some of the best video game adaptations out there.”

You can read more about what exactly Tim Cain thinks about the new TV series in our article here.

Source: YouTube, The Standard

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