Is Sony Preparing for Self-Playing Games?

According to a patent, there could even be games on the PlayStation 5 where things happen automatically, which can be useful when you’re stuck in a game and you try something but it just doesn’t come out right.


GameRant has reported on an AI-powered patent that says parts of games would play themselves. The autoplay mode would use an AI model that learns how to simulate the style of gameplay by pulling information from cloud-based services like the PlayStation Network. The patent mentions several implementations, so Sony may not have settled on a final method.

Either it emulates the player’s unique playing style by learning from a few repetitive sessions, or it gives the player the option to turn it on before a particular repetitive session of gameplay. At any time during the game, the player could resume autoplay or receive a notification when the grind session is complete. So, for example, if we were grinding in an RPG, we could let the console do its thing, go out to lunch, and get a notification on our phone that we can resume the game.

The technology will be divisive: there will be old-school, old-school players who would rather spend the time and effort grinding to really consume the fruits of their labor, but others would welcome the fact that in a more boring grinding RPG session, you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to get your team’s characters to a certain level. We say RPGs because the patent suggests that third-party games could also use the autoplay mode, so data collected from the PlayStation Network could be used here.

The idea is interesting, but keep in mind that not all patents have real results. This one may not come to fruition. But it could also become a technology component of the PlayStation 5 Pro, for example, if the upscaling (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution) is AI-based.

Source: GameRant

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