LawBreakers: CliffyB Supports its Fan Revival [VIDEO]

Cliff Bleszinski’s goal is clear: he wants to somehow get the attention of the game’s publisher, Nexon, with the currently unplayable team FPS that still has a fanbase.


Boss Key Productions, the company that developed the game, no longer exists, but there are those who would like to see the return of LawBreakers, which was released in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Although CliffyB, the creator of the game, has a lawyer in Los Angeles, Nexon owns the intellectual property rights. Nevertheless, in February 2021, a team began secretly working on Discord to bring it to life. It wasn’t even public until last week, when a public playtest revealed what they’d been working on for so long. It’s not a remaster, because they haven’t modified LawBreakers. According to Red, the project leader, balancing is being considered, but first they have to get the game back on its feet.

CliffyB noticed this. He linked to the project’s (RELB) Discord server (which he joined), and in another tweet he wrote how funny it is that LawBreakers is rising from the ashes like a Fenix. (What a Gears of War reference. One of the iconic characters of the franchise that we were able to control in the previous episodes was named Marcus FENIX, and that’s a pun on Phoenix…)



The playtest has been completed and the project’s servers were able to withstand the load, so while we are optimistic now, we should be prepared for a higher load. Red says there are still a few things that either do not work or do not work as they should. The goal now is just to get through the resurrection hype with the other players. LERB doesn’t have a release date yet, just a website. Red says it’s a small team and complex enough to work properly. They are working on another playtest, so they need more developers to maintain LawBreakers properly.

Bleszinski hopes this will get Nexon’s attention, which is ultimately the goal. To celebrate, he showed two previously unseen cinematics from the game.

Source: PCGamer, RELB


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